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About Us

—— on the unveiling of Newpainting


The beginning of civilization is marked by the invention of characters; meanwhile, characters are developed from paintings. From ancient rock painting to pictograph, numerous artistic categories have been derived from painting. Photographs are paintings with light and shade while sculptures can be regarded as solid paintings. Animation, 3D image and contemporary installation are all artistic forms translating images, concrete or abstract, into lines, sculpts and colors so as to pursue visual impact. As the saying goes: “Calligraphy and paintings are closely connected and inseparable with each other.”  Newpainting is an inclusive conception belonging to artistic category.

Based on Internet, Newpainting comes into being in the new era as a new media with new artistic expression forms. This new platform will be quite different than usual. Not only shall we display paintings, but we will also introduce you a great deal of other contemporary artistic categories, including calligraphy and photography. Apart from classics, we will also show you a large number of new works, both from celebrities and newcomers. Masters and successful expects are respected by us, but up-and-coming potential stars should also be appreciated and recommended. We advocate the policy of “letting a hundred schools of thought contend” and encourage different styles and genres to coexist and pursue common development by learn from each other. As Chairman Mao’s saying goes, “letting a hundred flowers bloom” is our tenet.

With Newpainting, we are looking forward to providing a convenient and interactive distribution platform for artistic innovation and culture exchanges.

Newpainting —— an art space with new conceptions, novel forms and fresh visions, is established under the collaboration with artists.