Teng Fei 2011 : Ctrl+S



           Teng Fei 2011 :   Ctrl+S

           Artist: Teng Fei

           Curator: Jiang Yuehong

           Duration: November 18th ~December 24th 2011 10:00~18:00(Except Monday)

           Open Reception: November 18th 2011 16:00~18:00 (Friday)

           Address: PIFO Gallery
             B-11, 798 Art Area,No.2 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

           Tel: 86 10 59789562



With the constant passing of time, we become accustomed to the way time flies. The fleeting moments of our existence—the present, the past, the future—become lost in the clutter of daily life, but through artist Teng Fei’s clear emotions and still thoughts, they are caught in her creations.

Teng Fei has long been thought of as the one who “opened up” Chinese art jewelry, and China’s “first Conceptual Jewelry artist”. She has given us a definition for jewelry’s “new” meaning, channeling her experiences with contemporary jewelry into contemplation on her own place in contemporary art—what is contemporary art as adornment? Here, jewelry and Teng Fei’s art practices are intertwined; here, contemporary art and everybody’s life experiences are interrelated.

They are there, blossoming, still murmuring to us, making us stop, reflect, reckon; we can’t help ourselves wanting to touch them, stroke them; we can’t restrain from wanting to pick them up, collect them on our fingers, hold them in our chests; carefully scrutinizing them, listening to them, sharing the gentleness that through the heat of our bodies, through our stories, will be nourished—it is saturating the space and time of our secret hearts, effortlessly becoming our mildest, calmest and most vivid selves. Facing Teng Fei’s work, we must gasp at the differences between “family heirlooms” andthese things – the characteristics of their pure individualism and artistry.

PIFO Gallery will present Teng Fei’s Ctrl+S from November 18, 2011, to December 24, 2011. PIFO prospectively hopes that Teng Fei’s unique art practices will lodge within and move your innermost heart.