A Burning Within—Kang Haitao / Ink —Yu Aijun Dual Exhibition


                                    A Burning Within—Kang Haitao / Ink —Yu Aijun Dual Exhibition
                                    Artist: Kang Haitao,Yu Aijun
                                    Duration: April 27th—May 26th
                                    Opening: April 27th  16:00~18:00(Friday)
                                    Address: PIFO Gallery
                                                     B-11, 798 Art Area,No.2 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
                                    Tel: 86 10 59789562

As spring awakens in April, PIFO New Art Gallery is happy to present a dual exhibition: 70's generation artist Kang Haitao's "A Burning Within"; and young oil painting professor from Luxun Academy of the Arts Yu Aijun’s “Ink ”.

After 30 years of contemporary art in China, the current era has been called materialistic, hollow, post-modernist, etc. No matter what you call this era, our spirits depend on being moved, and painting gives us that opportunity. Kang Haitao’s work is very important in this regard, as he has gone beyond the confines of the conceptual symbols of contemporary art, and returned to pure and simple painting.

Unlike art that relies on “pictures” to speak, Kang Haitao speaks through the language of painting, using the “act” of painting to express himself. This “act” is a process that he experiences, and this process emerges perceptibly in his works. The works take us in two seemingly opposite directions, but clearly show us the process of the “act” of painting that he experiences, thus differentiating him from other artists of his generation. This “act”, in the release achieved through the works’ details, gives Kang Haitao a special place amongst his contemporaries—he displays painting at its pinnacle, imbues the language of painting with his own experience, and even demands a metaphysical understanding. In the tide of today’s popularized images, this is especially rare, and deserves our continued attention and interest.

Kang Haitao was born in Chongqing in 1976, graduated from the oil painting department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 2000, and lives in Chengdu.

In a time of undifferentiated and deficient imagination, Yu Aijun’s works give us a new understanding of originality. How do artists both follow the pulse of the age and maintain a discernible individual quality? In today’s excessive production and conspicuous ambition, Yu Aijun’s art is a bold “return” that gives us hope. Yu Aijun resides in a remote city, is content with being on the fringes. This is his conscientious choice for his life, and a prerequisite for his unique reflection. The almost 1000 ink paintings created in the past three years illustrate a strength of expression, and reflect an unusually exceptional value system and confidence; they share something with reading and realization, and are grounded in the artist’s innate character and cultivation of gifts.

Yu Aijun was born in 1971 in Liaoning province, graduated with a master’s degree in 2004 from Luxun Academy of the Arts’ Oil Painting Department, and currently lives in Shenyang.

This exhibition will continue until May 26.